Sarpa Dosha

  • Subramanya havana
  • Kalsarpa havana
  • Ashlesha bali


subrahmanyaSubramanya Havana: Lord Subramanya is the son of Lord Siva and his consort Goddess Parvathi. Lord Subramanya was born out of six sparks from the third eye of Lord Shiva to destroy demon Soorapadma. Lord Subramanya has six faces and he rides a divine peacock. His expression is of supreme intelligence and leadership.

Subramanya Homa is performed by invoking Lord Subramanya in the fire and offering oblations through fire. Apart from performing the homa as a healing and energizing ritual to bestow immense benefits, Subramanya Homa can also be done for any problems related to Mars, especially Mangala dosha or Kuja dosha.


  • Subramanya Homa / Pooja is done for benefiting people who are having difficulty conceiving and to overcome problems during pregnancy.
  • Subramanya Homa blesses with good health and prosperity.
  • Lord Subramanya is the presiding deity of “Swadishtana Chakra” which is one of the seven major energy centers in human body.
  • He is the dispeller of all fears.
  • Subramanya Homa can be done to overcome fears of all forms and remove negative vibrations from a space and restore it with intense positive healing vibrations.

kalsarpa-yoga-shanti-package-takshak-special-package-250x250Kalsarpa havana: If, in a horoscope, all the planets are placed between Rahu and Ketu, it is considered to be a Kaal Sarp yoga. According to Vedic astrology, there are many types of Kaal Sarp yogas.

Some one having a Kaal Sarp Yoga in the horoscope faces different kinds of problems and instability in the life, bereft of progeny, mental disturbance etc. This condition is generally considered to be adverse, but can be relieved through a KalaSarp puja.

This happens when there are all planets coming between rahu and ketu. This results in failure and dejection. Bacause all the karyas don’t happen accordingly to the efforts put in.often leading to negativity,and inferiority complex. This vidhi done by Tantrik procedure is very effective although very simple. There is a special pooja to be done which can be done at our place.or you can get this puja done at your place ,we are open for help regarding the puja.


ashleshaAshlesha bali: Ashlesha bali homa is done for Sarpadosha or Rahu ketu dosha nivruthi. The marriage related problems like delaying of marriage are cured by this homa. childless couples will get healthy child.

Pooja will be done in sarpa balimandala and kalasha pachamrutha abhisheka and pooja done for silver naga idle homa wibe done in sarpa moolamantra and vedamantra. Sarpa sooktha japa also be done.  Ashtakula nadgas offered Apoopa, (type of sweet) boild rice with turmeric powder bolls with ghee lights (deepam) in mandala as a bali naivedyam(food). Nagapratima danam and other homanga danas given.

  • Relieves from Naga Dosha
  • Good progeny , Good job ,peace, get rid of diseases
  • Improving financial status and wining over enemies
  • Facing problems due to bad placement of planets Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Saturn in your birth chart