For Early Marriage

  • Vinayaka shanthi
  • Navagraha havana
  • Vivaha Shankara Vratha


vinayaka-shanthiVinayaka Shanthi: Everyone wants to get marry at the right time. And it is very essential that get a good partner who can be with all the time in our life. We see in the society that few people get success in all the fields in their life but fail to get any partner; even they have everything in their life they won’t get marry. That is because of some doshas in Kundali. This homa is for grooms. For such doshas we need to perform Vinayak Shanti – that is Lord Ganesha yaga. This will help to get good partner in life. In this yagya Gouri and Ganesha will be worshiped.

In this homa, we will be giving ahuthis 1000 times by chanting specific ganesha mantras. Alomg with this homa we have to perform Navagraha havan for better resut.


  • Marriage related obstacles will get resolved
  • It helps to find a right person

Navagraha_set_001.138174932Navagraha havana: In hinduism there are 9 planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu). It is believed in Hinduism and astrology that each and every above 9 planet has individual role that influences every man / woman directly or indirectly,  positively or negatively  and their fortune is also determined accordingly, favorably or adversely. To keep all these 9 planets calm and quiet so that our fortune favors us Navgraha Homam and Aradhana is necessary.

Each of these nine planets exerts an influence in our lives. This nine Grahas or planets in our horoscope controls our activities i.e. our joys and sorrows, our Happiness and Distress, our Success and Failures, our Victory and Defeat. Navagraha Shanti homa is performed to reduce the negative and Evil planatary effects on a person and to improve the positive energies on him / her.


  • By offering Navagraha Shanti Homam somebody may get the solution of his / her problems which he / she is facing and even may avoid the very negative consequences.
  • This homa has to be performed along with Vinayaka Shanthi to get rid of the marriage obstacles

2330c6b9bb9e1e0ff2b2d5966969a5bcVivaha Shankara Vratha: This is pooja of Shankara and Parvathri. These couples are the sign of good husband and wife. So these pooja is performed to get rid of marriage obstacles and to get the good partner