About Us

We Pujahavan always there for the devotees who have belief in God and would like to perform Pujas. Abhishek Sharma is the main person behind this organization.

Abhishek Sharma is a Gayatri Devi follower/devotee. He is an eminent Astrologer with additional expertise in Gem stone and Vasthu Therapies. He has an extensive experience of 10+ years through which he has guided his clients through various life hazards.

Many delayed events such as marriage, child birth, educational success, achievements in job etc. have happened immediately after he prescribed rigt poojas, Japas etc

He suggests practical Remedies as Spiritual and Mantra therapy which can be performed easily in this busy life of strict routine. He also makes sure he explains his clients patiently the logic and reason for performing a specific puja so that they can perform it with faith and belief.

His Match making expertise has allowed couples to take quality decision about their life partners. His in depth analysis of both, Bride’s and Groom’s Birth Chart with respect to each other and also their individual chart analysis in terms of match making has been incessantly appreciated by his clients.

Pujahavan has been mainly handled by Abhishek sharma to help the devotees to lead a happy and successful life.

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